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What is Ecobio Manager?

With our Ecobio Manager Service, you can easily and effectively track and manage compliance with the sustainable development-based legislative requirements for your business. In addition to a clear compliance tool, you’ll find up-to-date collections of statutes and regulations for many countries as well as all the chemical safety data sheets you’ll need.

Everything under one roof and tailored just for you!

The Ecobio Manager Service is adaptable to meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether you’re a small mobile or local company or a large international corporation, our service can be scaled to meet the requirements of your enterprise. We continuously take the needs of our various clients into consideration and our service is scalable to the requirements of the corporation, company, local site and personal users concerned.

Moreover, regulations and chemicals can, if required, be divided into their own service areas – so you easily get precisely the right information you need.

Regulations and statutes
Regulations and statutes

The regulation and statute requirements targeted toward companies differ from each other. With this in mind, Ecobio Manager selects only those regulations and statutes for tracking which are relevant to you. That means, you as our client need not spend time reviewing unnecessary legislation, but rather concentrate only on the most essential legislative changes, based on the work you do.


Ecobio Manager facilitates compliance with chemical requirements. Chemical registers are created for your organization with turnkey principle. Safety data sheets (SDS) are updated automatically and old versions are archived in accordance with legal requirements. Workers can access the latest versions of the SDSs with a mobile device and QR-code. Ecobio Manager tracks restricted substances and exposure scenario assessments can be performed using a simple reporting form. The service also contains printing features for the labels of chemicals.

Compliance Assessment
Compliance Assessment

Our Ecobio Manager service allows you to monitor and assess compliance throughout the operations of your company and its divisions based on the certifications of ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The clear and easy-to-use monitoring enables the examination and assessment of the entire organization’s results in just one view.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

Ecobio Manager brings a solution to statutory risk assessing. With the service you can conduct environmental, health and safety as well as chemical exposure risk assessments. Your organization can easily follow the most important risk factors and implementation of the risk control measures. Easy-to-use service helps you to determine the risks on your workplace and the latest versions of the risk assessments are available to all workers. Ecobio Manager also facilitates authority processes while automatic risk calculation and responsibility delegation features enable time and cost savings.

Up-to-date info on
regulations and statutes

Ecobio Manager’s legislative database contains a comprehensive collection of environmental, chemical, occupational health and work safety regulations and statutes, as well as many special rulings and official instructions. The database is comprised of legislation from Finland, Sweden, and the European Union. You can also find product substance requirements from the United States in our service. The information is updated continuously, and the service keeps you informed in real time by delivering messages to you regarding updates. Important dates can also be conveniently found in the Requirement Calendar.

The collection of decrees and regulations provides an excellent way to assess safety requirements, for example, related to the industrial treatment and storage of hazardous chemicals. By means of this edited collection, it is also easy to identify the legislated statutes, permit procedures and qualifications required that “must be noted”.

Chemical safety instructions always at your fingertips

The Ecobio Manager service offers lists of chemicals, safety instructions, and up-to-date safety data sheets appropriate for display at workplaces. The service operates smoothly both on PCs and smart phones, so all current information is available wherever and whenever needed.

The service identifies restricted substances contained in chemicals used by the company and automatically issues information about their requirements. The smooth assessment and archiving of safety data sheets and exposure scenarios match the official guidelines. The exposure scenarios assessment section included in the service represents one of Europe’s first methods targeted to users of chemicals.

You can use the database in, for example, the industrial application of chemicals and in storage-related ratio calculations. The versatile reporting characteristics featured in the service can also be used ‘as is’ in making reports to the authorities.

Our customers
Ecobio Manager is one of the oldest, best-established services in the field.
It is used extensively by large and small companies in a range of industrial sectors.

”Ecobio Manager has helped us improve the efficiency of our operations and has considerably facilitated compliance.”

— Development Director from the technology sector

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