A Smoother, Easier Way to Manage Corporate Sustainability

A Smoother, Easier Way to Manage Corporate Sustainability

What is Ecobio Manager?

Ecobio Manager is an advanced SaaS-service for managing corporate sustainability. Our innovative software covers EU Taxonomy, regulations, chemicals, and risks. The technology and up-to-date databases help you ensure compliance and improve profitability – locally and globally.

Learn more about Ecobio Manager -service, and get a demo presentation to familiarise yourself with its features.

EU’s Taxonomy Classification and Reporting

Sustainability obligation tracking, Ecobio Manager

Regulation Tracking and Compliance Assessment

Chemical Management, Ecobio Manager, Sustainability saas-service

Chemical Management

Risk Assessment, Ecobio Manager

Risk Assessment

Supplier Management, Ecobio Manager

Supplier Management

All of Sustainability Under One Roof, Tailored Just for You!

Tailor the service for the needs of your operations, products, and suppliers, taking into consideration the important parts of your value chain. Whether you’re a small local company or an international corporation, our service can be scaled to help you meet your requirements. We help you find the service package that fits your needs!

Benefits for You:

  • Easy Work Process
  • Team Platform
  • Up-to-date
  • Document management

Value for Business and Nature

Nobody can help you balance business and nature like Ecobio Manager. We help you:

Cut costs & save nature

  • Avoid non-compliance costs
  • Cut external costs of compliance audits
  • Streamline your processes
  • Save time, materials and energy

Increase the value of your business

  • Comply with legal requirements, EU Taxonomy, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001
  • Create a responsible reputation
  • Make your workers and stakeholders happy
  • Manage global risks in operations, products and supply chains
  • Get an advantage compared to your competitors

95% of our customers would recommend our services.*

*) Based on a customer satisfaction study made in 2020 among all Ecobio customers.

Ecobio Manager Combines Software and Databases.

Ecobio Manager is a sustainability management and compliance tool for operations, products and suppliers. The software includes international databases of laws, regulations and agreements, safety data sheets and restricted substances. It combines your goals and obligations in

  • EU Taxonomy
  • Environment
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Chemicals and product stewardship
  • Corporate responsibility

Ecobio Manager is a Software as a Service platform in the cloud for sustainability. The services operate smoothly on PCs, tablets and smartphones, so all current information is available wherever and whenever needed.

Its module structure opens your opportunities in terms of various contents and service packages. It helps you streamline and automatize your processes and cooperate systematically with your team in achieving your goals together. Our service packages are always tailored for you according to your needs!

EU Taxonomy Classification and Reporting

  • An easy and comprehensive tool which contains everything you need to meet the requirements of the EU Taxonomy’s classification and reporting
  • Our digital solution turns the complex set of requirements into a simple and smooth work process for your team
  • Our consultants always help you with the structuring, interpreting, and processing of the requirements

The Ecobio Manager service consists of all the requirements set by EU’s Taxonomy, such as

  • The classification system as an easy work process
  • Up-to-date regulation collections
  • Compliance audit
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • KPI reporting annually
  • Summarizing, printing, archiving, and communication features
  • Training, workshops and advisory
  • Assists with verification

Regulation Tracking and Compliance Assessment

  • Ensure compliance with reliable obligations tracking
  • Only the laws, regulations and other obligations that are relevant to you
  • No need to spend time reviewing unnecessary legislation
  • Up-to-date legislative collections
  • Monitor and assess compliance throughout the operations of your company and its divisions
  • Based on the certifications of ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 50001
  • Monitor the entire organization’s results in just one view

Company-specific regulation collections

EHS & Chemicals

  • National collections: EU, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and USA
  • In English or national languages


  • EU Taxonomy collections
  • Global Agreements in Sustainability
  • Human Rights by UN and several states
  • UN Global Compact

Product Obligations

  • National, regional or global by area and state
  • Tailored by customer

Our Obligations

  • Global Agreements in Sustainability
  • Company-specific requirements

Chemical Management

  • Facilitates compliance with chemical requirements
  • Chemical registers
  • Safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Restricted substances
  • Workers can access the latest versions of the SDSs with a mobile device and QR-code

Risk Assessment

  • EU Taxonomy risk assessment
  • Chemical, environmental, fire, rescue and health and safety risks
  • Utilizing chemical database
  • Most important risk factors and implementation of the risk control measures

Supplier Management

  • Supplier Requirements and Audits
  • Audit Program
  • Monitoring Restricted Substances over the Supply Chain

Join our presentation of the world’s first comprehensive digital solution for the EU Taxonomy!

Do you need help with EU Taxonomy classification and reporting? Join us for a free 30 min presentation and we will show how the new section in our digital solution, Ecobio Manager, will help you to turn the complex set of EU Taxonomy requirements into a smooth and straightforward work process for your team.

The free online presentations are held in English on 26.10, 16.11 and 7.12.

Are you in or out of the Taxonomy classification and reporting requirements?

The Taxonomy quiz by Ecobio helps you determine whether your company is affected by the Taxonomy classification and reporting requirements.

Benefits of Ecobio Manager to Our Customers

(Based on a customer satisfaction study made in 2020 among all Ecobio customers.)

Obligation Tracking







Chemical Management







Risk Assessment





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How to Apply EU’s Taxonomy Regulation and Reporting Requirements

Our whitepaper helps companies reach compliance with EU’s Taxonomy Regulation by presenting 5 steps to comply with the requirements.


How the Biocide Product Regulation Functions in the EU and Its Main Obligations to the Biocide Suppliers

Our whitepaper gives an overview of the EU Biocide Product Regulation and the authorisation process of the biocidal products in the European Union.


A Digital Solution for the UN Global Compact and UN SDGs

Our brochure helps companies globally manage their commitment to UN Global Compact and related legal requirements across the company.

Obligation Tracking Database: Laws, Regulations and Other Obligations

No need to search for laws on the internet or ask a lawyer anymore. Ecobio Manager’s legislative database contains a comprehensive collection of environmental, chemical, occupational health and work safety regulations and statutes, as well as many special rulings and official instructions. You can also create your own collections of both internal requirements and requirements from your stakeholders.

The database is comprised of:

  • EHS Chemicals legislation in the European Union, Sweden, Finland, Norway and US California. For example: EU REACH, USA OSHA TSCA, TRI &Tier II
  • Global Social Responsibility Legislation
  • Global Product Legislation, Company-Specific Collections
  • International Agreements and Guidelines in Sustainability
  • … and much more. Ask for other collections!

Chemical Management Database: Up-to-Date Safety Data Sheets and Restricted Substances Always at Your Fingertips

The time of manually updating SDS:s and doing screening of restricted substances in complex and lengthy Excel sheets is over. Ecobio Manager does the work for you.

Ecobio Manager delivers digital lists of chemicals, safety instructions, safety data sheets to your workplaces, and monitors automatically the vast lists of restricted substances.

You can select safety data sheets (SDS:s) for your use from our comprehensive collection, in the languages you need. The data is delivered automatically to your workplaces. Smooth assessment and archiving of SDS:s and exposure scenarios is done according to official guidelines.

The service identifies restricted substances in chemicals used by your company and automatically issues information about their specific requirements. We monitor the most significant lists such as:

  • Californian Proposition 65.
  • EU REACH, SVHC, CLP, Conflict Minerals, PIC, POP and 2008/105/EC.
  • National lists In Sweden (AFS, PRIO, SIN), Norway and Finland (ASA)

You can use the database in, for example, the industrial application of chemicals and in storage-related ratio calculations. The versatile reporting characteristics featured in the service can also be used ‘as is’ in making reports to the authorities.

Interested in Ecobio Manager?

Watch our video to get to know more about the service and ask for a free demo!

Our Customers

Ecobio Manager is one of the most advanced, best-established services in the field. It is used extensively by large and small companies in a range of industrial sectors.

Choose Your Content

We make it easy for you: our service is always tailored for you according to your needs! Choose the features that you need; obligation tracking, chemicals management and/or risk assessment, and we do the rest.

The examples below are service combinations that will be customized for you. Based on our customers’ needs, we have developed three example service packages that contain everything you need, depending on the company’s size and business. Check the combinations below to see what the different packages include and to get a better picture of the Ecobio Manager service.


  • One Location
  • One Country
  • For Small Enterprises

  • EU’s Taxonomy Classification and Reporting
  • Regulation Tracking – tailored national collection
  • Compliance Audit
  • Obligation Calendar
  • Chemical Catalogs
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Restricted Substances
  • Risk Assessment
  • Easy to Implement
  • Training


  • Several Locations
  • One Country
  • For Corporations

  • EU’s Taxonomy Classification and Reporting
  • Regulation Tracking – tailored national collection
  • Compliance Audit
  • Obligation Calendar
  • Chemical Catalogs
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Restricted Substances
  • Risk Assessment
  • Easy to Implement
  • Training

Corporation Global

  • Several Locations
  • Several Countries
  • Global Corporations

  • EU’s Taxonomy Classification and Reporting
  • Regulation Tracking – tailored international collection
  • Compliance Audit
  • Obligation Calendar
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Chemical Catalogs
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Restricted Substances
  • Risk Assessment
  • User Control
  • Easy to Implement
  • Training

Are you leading your sustainability team through numerous spreadsheets and search engines?
Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of digitalization in companies sustainable development?
Do you want to ensure compliance, lead your goals and track your results?

Let us introduce you Ecobio Manager:
A new generation business partner to help you smoothly digitalise your corporate sustainability management.

Our Sales Team

Do you have any questions? Our sales representatives are happy to have a chat. Contact us today!

Malena Weurlander, Ecobio Manager

Malena Weurlander

M.Sc. (Forestry), Key Account Manager
+358 20 756 9459

Katrine Hoset, Ecobio Manager

Katrine Hoset

PhD (Ecology), Account Manager Norway & Senior Consultant in Sustainability
+358 45 1047701

Sanna Perkiö,, Ecobio Manager

Sanna Perkiö

D.Sc. (Tech.)
US market


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