The World’s Most Comprehensive Digital Solution for EU Taxonomy

Our digital solution, Ecobio Manager, turns the complex set of requirements into a simple and smooth EU Taxonomy work process for your team.

Benefits of Our Digital Solution

  • Easy-to-use and comprehensive tool

Includes everything you need to fulfil the EU Taxonomy classification and reporting requirement.

  • Deep and efficient

Combines EU Taxonomy with regulation tracking, compliance, and risk assessment.

  • Combines classification and KPI reporting

Combines classification results with turnovers, capital expenditures and operational expenditures to create a common KPI reporting format.

  • Simple and smooth work process for your team

Our digital solution turns the complex set of requirements into a simple and smooth work process for your team.

  • Relevant requirements always easily at hand.

Our digital solution turns the complex set of requirements into an efficient simple and smooth work process for your team.

  • Always up-to-date

The service will be expanded when new requirements are published by the European Commission.

Comments From Our Customers

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"As the EU taxonomy criteria expands Ecobio Manager will be really useful."
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"The digital solution clarifies, simplifies, and reduces delusion in the criteria."
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"Assurance is easier with Ecobio Manager."
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"The legislation is always available and up-to-date."
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"It is easy to go back to historical data afterwards."

94% of our customers would recommend our services.*

*) Based on a customer satisfaction study made in 2021 among all Ecobio customers.

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Our digital tool contains everything you need to meet the requirements of EU Taxonomy


  • Six environmental objectives
  • Substantial contribution assessment
  • Do no significant harm (DNSH) assessment
  • Minimum safeguard assessment
  • Summarizing, printing, archiving, and communication features
  • Training, workshops and advisory
  • Assists with verification


  • Reporting by Taxonomy activity
  • Undertaking or group level
  • Turnover, capital & operational expendures
  • CapEx plans
  • Detailed disclusure model by the Delegate Act
  • Annual reporting
  • Summarizing, printing, archiving, and communication features
  • Training, workshops and advisory
  • Assists with verification

EU Taxonomy Package

Get familiar with the EU Taxonomy package now!

  • Benefit from digitalisation from the beginning by Ecobio Manager.
  • Identify your economic activities.
  • Assess EU taxonomy alignment of your activities.
  • Report the KPIs of aligned activities.
  • Ease your work process when EU taxonomy requirements broaden.
  • Update the regulation’s tracking, compliance, and risk assessment to complete your work.
A smooth work process for the EU taxonomy classification and reporting requirements with Ecobio Manager.


Join our webinar of the world’s most comprehensive digital solution for the EU Taxonomy!

Do you need a solution for EU Taxonomy classification and reporting? Join us for a free 30 min webinar of our smooth and straightforward work process for your taxonomy team.

The free online webinars are held in English on Tuesdays at 13.00-13.30 (UTC+2).

Learn more about EU Taxonomy from our material:


EU Taxonomy Reporting in 2022 – What are the obligations and how to use digitalization in reporting?

In our webinar, Ecobio’s EU taxonomy experts will briefly review the current environmental classification and reporting obligations of the EU Taxonomy for large companies and entities regarding 2022 reporting. The webinar focuses on the requirements of large listed companies and non-financial entities.


Three steps for EU Taxonomy Reporting – Deadline coming soon

Are you ready to report EU Taxonomy eligibility as a non-financial entity? We summarized the three steps that guide EU Taxonomy reporting for the first year in our blog.


Five Steps to Comply with the Taxonomy Regulation

Our comprehensive whitepaper helps your company reach and maintain compliance with the EU’s Taxonomy Regulation in a constantly moving situation.


Comply With the EU Taxonomy Regulation

For many companies, the EU Taxonomy regulation will soon be relevant. Are you prepared for the new environmental classification and reporting requirements?

In this webinar, we go through the EU Taxonomy Regulation and how financial and large companies can fulfil the new classification and reporting requirements in sustainability.


The EU’s Taxonomy and KPIs

The European Commission has published a draft version of a Delegated Act to supplement an article in the Taxonomy Regulation. The Delegated Act helps investors and the public to better understand the companies’ impact towards sustainability through the annual publication of their KPIs.


The Climate Delegated Act to the EU Taxonomy Approved and Ready to Be Applied

The delegated act on the climate part of the EU regulation on taxonomy – the first delegated act presented by the European Commission – was approved by the majority of the Member States. This approval means that the large public-interest companies with more than 500 employees can accelerate their preparations to disclose this year’s taxonomy eligible economic activities as defined in the climate delegated act.


New in Sustainable Finance – How to Apply EU’s Taxonomy Regulation and Reporting Requirements

Watch our webinar to learn how to achieve compliance with the minimum safeguards and what, how, and when should companies react.


EU Taxonomy Classification and Reporting

Our concise free brochure helps you understand what the EU Taxonomy classification and reporting entails. The brochure presents our digital solution to the requirements.


A Digital Solution for the EU’s Taxonomy Regulation for Sustainable Activities

Our concise guide helps your company fulfil the EU Taxonomy Regulation obligations. Are you looking for a professional but straightforward tool/solution to tackle your requirements? We have a digital solution for you.


New in Sustainable Finance

Sustainability runs capital. During the last 10 years, the capital in sustainable indexes has doubled. As there are several indexes it can be difficult for investors to understand what they contain and how to compare them. The EU strives to make the indexes more comparable and transparent by creating new directives and therefore creating a stronger and cleaner economy.

Our Customers

Ecobio Manager is one of the most advanced, best-established services in the field. It is used extensively by large and small companies in a range of industrial sectors.

Are you in or out of the Taxonomy classification and reporting requirements?

The Taxonomy quiz by Ecobio helps you determine whether your company is affected by the Taxonomy classification and reporting requirements.

Do you want to benefit from digitalisation of EU Taxonomy reporting and classification?
We provide you the world’s most comprehensive digital solution for EU Taxonomy!

We want to present to you our digital solution for EU Taxonomy and how you can create an efficient, simple, and smooth work process.

We help you structure, interpret, and process the requirements.

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