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Our Customer Success Team is always here to ensure you succeed in achieving your goals.

We focus on relationship building and mutual understanding. In other words: we make things easy for you. Our customer success team consist of experts and technicians within customer service, digitalization, IT, chemical management and sustainability services.

Sustainability Management Tool with Advisory and Consultancy

Ecobio Manager is a part of Ecobio. We provide expert services within sustainable development and Ecobio Manager, a sustainability management tool for managing legislation, chemicals and risks in companies and other organizations. We help you to combine the goals of sustainable development with successful business. Since 1989.

Our Customer Success Team helps you with the following tasks

  • Answers your questions
  • Guides you
  • Helps with technical problems
  • Helps with questions regarding environment, chemicals, health, and safety
  • Manages the service
  • Creates user rights
  • Ads and updates regulations and safety data sheets in Ecobio Manager
  • Forwards questions to our experts at Ecobio when needed

We Help You Balance Business and Nature.

Advisory and Consultancy

Our experts offer legal advice and assist in everything from small to large projects to annual agreements on corporate responsibility and sustainable development.

We have over 30 years of experience in; circular economy, climate change, energy use, chemicals, REACH registrations, biodiversity, management systems, carbon footprint calculation and environmental impact assessments.

Our team consist of experienced consultants and in-depth researchers as well as customer service, IT and business economics professionals. We help you balance business and nature.

We provide expert services for corporate sustainability programs. We help our clients work in a wide variety of areas, such as management, environment, occupational health and safety and product stewardship.

We offer:

  • Sustainability tools for top management and workers
  • Legal and Compliance Services for operations
  • Safety and Eco-Advantage for your products
  • Sustainability studies
  • Chemical expert services

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(These numbers are on our 2020 customer satisfaction survey of all Ecobio customers.)

Do you have questions?
Do you need technical support?
We are here to help.

Our customer success team is always there for you to help you with implementation, guidance, and advice on how to use Ecobio Manager efficiently. We are happy to hear your innovation/innovative ideas and turn them into new features together with our technicians. Our customers value our expertise and readiness to help, and we like to keep it that way.

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